Tatted with a purpose


Hello beautiful humans,


Have you ever just had one of those weeks where you look up at the sky and want to scream “WHY GOD WHY?!!” Well this was my unfortunate reality three weeks ago. It first began with a list a thousand miles long of school work, then stress of balancing long work hours but trying to make school my first priority, then the beloved check engine light on my car goes off only to lead to awful red blinking light saying “BATTERY NOT CHARGING”, then my laptop battery got killed by a HDMI cord (Apple users don’t use any other brand of cords but Apple…I’m not kidding you will thank me later) but hey guess what that didn’t matter because the Wi-Fi in my apartment went out! You may be thinking wow Hayley you need to shut up because everyone has bad weeks. YEAH OK BYE! There is a point to this! So yes, it sucked and all I wanted to do was fix everything and curl up in a ball and never move just hoping it will all go away. Of course that didn’t happen.


Here’s where it gets good, for years I have been thinking about what I wanted as my first tattoo. I have changed my mind a half a million times but I FINALLY made a decision of exactly what I wanted. You see I have this unfortunate character flaw I am not proud of which is control. I always feel the need to control all aspects of my life. As I discovered this I started to tell myself to “Let go and Let God” every time I felt the need to control or jump hastily on a situation. So because of this I wanted “Let go and let God” tattooed on my right forearm so that every time I look down I am reminded that God in in control not I. This all comes full circle during my insane week because my tattoo appointment was set for that Saturday morning. This ironic date didn’t dawn on me for about three days into the week then it hit me. God was testing me, He was seeing if I was going to live up to the words I was about to get written on my body forever. The crazy thing is after I realized that I was trying to control and fix everything nothing got fixed or done. Until I let go and let God take the reigns. You see he was always in control but he patently waited for me to realize my sin before he made his power shine bright. At that moment I knew this tattoo was perfect and now I am a proud new owner of a beautiful tattoo that speaks more than of beauty but of faith, hope, forgiveness, and love. For that I am forever humbly thankful that God will allow me to let go of all of my struggles even the simple silly things give them to Him because only He can make them disappear like dust.


This is more than a tattoo to me. It is what I live by which is the Lords true love. So I challenge you to “Let go and Let God” because you will be pleasantly surprised.


For I am Lord your God, who takes hold of your right hand, who says to you ‘Do not fear, I will help you.’ – Isaiah 41:13




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