But Do You Blog?

Because we can’t seem to remember to get a more recent picture of the two of us…here is one from the beach…two years ago.

As of now, The Telegraham does!

The Telegraham is the brain-child of Hayley. Smart, funny, fashionista child of Ruthie. Why mention Ruthie at this point? Hang with me for a minute.

Hayley grew her wings and flew off to the College of Charleston (Ruthie’s an alumnus as well) in the Fall of 2014 as a Communications major. To be honest, she’s rocked it. It’s really a waste to attend a school like CofC and not take full advantage of the city in which you reside. Yes, school work comes first, but she’s made Charleston home for herself. Beaches, shopping, eating at amazing restaurants, visiting historical sites, and learning to surf have all been part of the fabric of her college days.

At the beginning of 2017, Hayley decided she could be a businesswoman as well as student and adventurer.  Having already been an entrepreneur herself, Ruthie gave a resounding-YES! Why would one wait for a degree to do something you’re already capable of doing?

If you haven’t guessed, that business is The Telegraham. Social media marketing at your service.

Then in the summer of 2017, an offer landed in Hayley’s inbox. Would she be interested in buying the client list of another social media businesswoman? The answer wasn’t as clear as beginning the business…there was still school…there was still the social life…there were the current Telegraham clients. Would it be too much? Would it land her in debt? Would she go nuts trying to handle accounts in the Lowcountry as well as in the Upstate of SC?  That’s where Ruthie comes in. See, she’d sold her business and was quietly wondering what she’d do next. Social media is something she’s familiar with. Her own business was dependent upon regular posts, yet she often found herself not having the time to do as many posts as she needed to build an audience and be consistent about it. And that would mean mother and daughter working together.  Better than that, it’d mean working FOR her daughter! Oh, it’d be tricky sometimes, there’d be words sometimes, and the lines between mother/daughter and employee/employer would be blurred and re-established sometimes, but it could WORK!

In August of 2017, The Telegraham debuted with Hayley in the Lowcountry and Ruthie in the Upstate. The Telegraham is helping all kinds of businesses build relationships with customers and clients: a coaches association, law firms, and an inventor to name a few. Size varies a well…from the largest association in South Carolina to a one woman show.  The Telegraham keeps everyone’s social media fresh, fun, and relevant.

We are social media marketing at your service…all over South Carolina!

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